Dirty Secrets
B.A.P trolling fans
Himchan: There was a time where all 6 of us wore the same glasses out just for fun, and the fans were thrown into confusion.
Himchan: They ran up to us and were like, "WHERE IS YOUNGJAE OPPA???!! YOUNGJAE OPPA WAVE YOUR HAND!!!!!!!!"

B.A.P in suits ♣

B.A.P in suits

Q: My father told me that when he was little he wanted to be Ultraman. What did Gackt want to become when he was little?
GACKT: The Devil...oh wait it happened.
Q: What's the one thing you just can't quit no matter how hard you try?
GACKT: DoS and discipline*.
*the word he uses here refers to training or breaking in an animal
Q: Whenever Dears are confused, Gackt always answers our questions. On the other hand, is there anything Gackt would like to ask his Dears?
GACKT: Are you all pleasing yourselves properly? I think there's a lot of girls who mostly don't do it, but you've gotta, right? You'll become unskilled if you don't.